The Cityblooms Dashboard

The Cityblooms Dashboard stores all your valuable data in one place and gives you the power to make informed decisions that will make your farm sing.  Get real time visualization of vital information that impacts your crops and set alarms so you get notified when your attention is needed.  Manage crop tracking and schedule equipment maintenance and  labor tasks. Use the Dashboard to create the digital records to take the headache out of audits and regulatory compliance.  Furthermore, leverage machine learning and intelligent analytics to conduct historical yield analysis, better understand influencers to crop growth, and manage your growing operation to optimize your yields and save valuable time.  

As a small to mid-size grower, you've never had this type of power and information in your hands.  



Cityblooms has developed packages, or "modules", that can be added to your Dashboard to give you the ability to more efficiently manage your growing operation.  Cityblooms provides a full service solution that includes software, apps, hardware, installation, and ongoing support and maintenance so that you don't focus on the technology, but rather your farm (or whatever else is important to you!)


 Monitor Just About Anything.
  • Monitor your farm using powerful data visualization and analytics tools.
  • Get real time and historical data 24/7 from any internet enabled device.
  • View, in real time, the longer term trends that will increase yields and lower your costs.
  • Create alerts to ensure the right people get notified when something needs attention.

The Cityblooms Monitoring Module leverages the full potential of your Cityblooms Commander and Monitors.   You can use different combinations of sensors to create different types of Monitor Configurations. 

Cityblooms Monitors capture the following data types:


  • Temperature, Conductivity, PH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen
  • Flow, Leak Detection, Tank Level


  • Temperature, Humidity, VPD, CO2
  • Barometric Pressure, Wind Velocity, Rainfall
  • PAR, Daily Light Integral, Real Time Cumulative Light Integral, Hyper Fidelity Solar Forecasting


  • Moisture, EC, PH, Temperature


  • Motion Sensing Webcam
  • Equipment Voltage Monitoring

  Also available on Custom Systems

  • NDVI (Normalized Differential Vegetative Index) for Tracking Plant Growth
  • Selective Ion Sensing for Precise Nutrient Management






Cityblooms Monitoring Module



Crop Tracking.  Maintenance Management.  Hassle Free Compliance.

With the onset of the Food Safety Modernization Act and new Cannabis laws, regulatory compliance is becoming more complex.  Mistakes can be costly and time consuming. The Cityblooms Farm Management Module can make it easy to keep the records demanded by even the most stringent standards.  You can track your crops from seed to shipping, print planting and shipping labels, and generate crop forecasting and historic yield analysis.  We've made it easy to assign and manage farm labor tasks, and create and manage recurring sanitation and maintenance events for important equipment.  We'll even help you get better customer service from your vendors, with the ability to create service tickets to notify important vendors of your service needs.

You can also harness powerful analytics capability to forecast production, and maximize yields and labor productivity.  The Cityblooms Farm Management Module, developed through years of real-world use, will help you achieve greater operational efficiency -- directly contributing to the bottom line.


The Cityblooms Farm Management Module includes:
  • Crop tracking from seed to shipping with label printing.

  • Production scheduling and forecasting

  • Farm labor and maintenance tracking and scheduling

  • Recurring maintenance task tracking for important equipment

  • Service ticket creation and tracking to notify vendors of service needs

  • Food safety certification compliance


Cityblooms Crop Tracking



Cityblooms Maintenance and Operations Management



Cityblooms Production Scheduling