About Us

The inspiration for Cityblooms came out of a desire to provide sustainably grown food to a rapidly expanding population. Responding to the needs of farmers, Cityblooms has developed an integrated technology stack that includes sensor and equipment control technology coupled with a powerful farm management platform. Cityblooms has years of experience with designing and implementing modular systems for controlled environment agriculture, producing a variety of crops for some of the world’s largest corporations.


Nick Halmos, CEO and Founder

Nick began his career in controlled environment agriculture in 2001, and has been a consistent innovator in the AgTech field, while also successfully founding and building companies in real estate.  Nick moved Cityblooms to Santa Cruz, California in 2011, and began building a team to develop the next generation of farming technology.   Under Nick's leadership, Cityblooms was awarded the prestigious Business Environmental Award in 2015 by Acterra for its on-site farm at Plantronics, and was also named as one of the "Ten Hot Companies to Watch in Monterey Bay's Agtech Hub"  in early 2016.  He was awarded 4 patents in early 2017 for design and utility of Cityblooms' micro-farming systems, and was named "Innovator of the Year" in March of 2017 for his continued commitment to new and creative sustainable farming solutions.  

Nick holds a JD from Vanderbilt Law School and a BA from Brown University.