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Commercial Ag Technology

From a diverse set of crop metrics to complex operational logistics, the modern farm is increasingly driven by data. Managing that data to drive informed decisions is a challenge in and of itself. Understanding this challenge, we created an integrated technology stack that couples sophisticated sensor arrays and reliable equipment automation with a powerful farm management platform that optimizes yields and saves valuable time. Cityblooms helps growers of any size better manage their controlled environments, including greenhouses, hoop houses, indoor farms, or grow rooms.

Whatever your size, we grow with you.



Modular Farming Systems

Benefiting from years of real-world operation, Cityblooms has developed a fleet of modular farming systems with the flexibility to suit most any application. Our modular farms include outdoor open or enclosed cultivators, indoor growing and propagation units, and large indoor vertical farms. Furthermore, when coupled with the Cityblooms Technology Stack, the systems can be operated efficiently even by novice growers. These sustainable systems use 90% less water than conventional farms without harmful pesticides.  The produce low carbon footprint crops, and allows a just-in-time approach to food production which opens up a wide variety of specialty cultivars.


Professional Services

Looking to install technology in your growing operation but need a reliable partner to execute your vision? Not sure how to get your growing operation up and running in the most efficient way possible?  We’ve designed and built custom solutions for commercial growers, large public companies, academic institutions, private homes.   Whether it’s getting sensor technology and nutrient management installed;  creating farm management and equipment maintenance tracking systems;  setting up crop production schedules and conducting historical yield analysis, we have a suite of products and services with a team of experts to help you.



About us

Located in Santa Cruz, California, at the intersection of the world’s tech and agricultural capitals, Cityblooms makes farming ‘smart’. The inspiration for Cityblooms came out of a desire to provide sustainably grown food to a rapidly expanding population. Responding to the needs of farmers, Cityblooms has developed an integrated technology stack that includes sensor and equipment control technology coupled with a powerful farm management platform. Furthermore, Cityblooms has years of experience with designing and implementing systems for controlled environment agriculture, producing a variety of crops.  We are passionate about designing and building solutions that work and change lives in the process.



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