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Modular Farming Systems

We're Giving a Whole New Meaning to "Fresh".

Cityblooms’ modular farms enable the production of safe, fresh, food safety certified crops anywhere, anytime, from outdoor spaces to indoor warehouses and anywhere in between. The fully integrated, sustainable hydroponic system reduces waste, uses significantly less water,  eliminates harmful pesticides, and enables growers to be connected to farm conditions at all times.

In addition, proprietary cloud-based software reduces costs and increases efficiencies by automatically monitoring and controlling essential farming tasks. Our current customers include large public companies, where we grow food on-site for their employees, private mid-size commercial farms and greenhouses, academic institutions, and personal homes.  

Whether you are a large company seeking to grow food on-site for your employees or customers, or a small to mid-size farm looking to expand your growing operation to meet new market demands for "fresh" produce, Cityblooms has a modular system that can meet your needs.

Modular Farm Options

Outdoor Modular Systems

Cityblooms modular systems are the Swiss-Army knife of urban farming.

Cityblooms patented outdoor modular systems enable food production in places you never thought possible. Light enough to be installed on rooftops and balconies and flexible enough for a range of ground-based installations, Cityblooms modular systems turn any area of urban landscape towards a more productive use. With a selection of both open and enclosed modules, systems can grow a wide variety of crops in a range of climates and physical settings.

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Indoor Vertical Systems

Cityblooms Indoor Farms are self-contained hydroponic growing units and are perfect for growing produce or cash crops with optimal yields and very little waste.  Our integrated technology platform enables the grower to monitor and control the growing environment 24/7, including nutrient delivery and irrigation systems, ambient conditions, lighting, and more.   Indoor vertical units that are stacked from 6 – 20 feet tall are available and can be configured for both leafy green production as well as intensive propagation and tissue culture operations.


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Personal Micro Farms

Cityblooms Personal Micro-farms are hydroponic, fully integrated growing units that are 20 square feet and can grow crops such as peppers, kale, tomatoes, bok choy, and also cannabis.  One personal micro-farm will grow about twelve large pepper or tomato plants, or six large cannabis plants.  The self-contained growing units include the Cityblooms integrated technology solution to monitor environmental and crop conditions and automate irrigation and nutrient dosing, giving you 24/7, real time updates on your micro-farm, optimizing yields and minimizing waste.


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Institutional Farms

Cityblooms currently grows fresh, nutritious food on-site for institutional customers in the San Fransisco Bay Area in our patented modular farming systems. Cityblooms offers institutional clients a full range of services; from fully managed solutions where Cityblooms operates the farm and delivers freshly harvested produce directly to your kitchen, to design/build/installation options where Cityblooms provides grower training and mentoring.  We grow exceptionally unique produce, including heirloom fruits and vegetables, unique culinary herbs, and micro-green blends.  Cityblooms can execute both indoor and outdoor projects, with modular configurations that can expand and contract to your needs.  Our modular farms can be installed in parking lots, warehouses, on rooftops, and anywhere in between.

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Modular Farm Overview

Cityblooms' feather-weight urban farming system is engineered for easy installation, optimal growing, and sustainable farming practices. A series of plug and play modular pieces assemble to create a Crop Cultivation Cluster (CCC), adaptable from greenhouse to warehouse, and parking lot to rooftop. Each cluster forms an independent, closed loop, hydroponic system. Multiple clusters, whether co-located or separated by miles, can be managed from any mobile device. In this manner, a micro-farm can start with a single cluster and expand around existing space constraints and obstacles to meet growing demand.

Cityblooms Cultivation Modules are equipped with environmental controls that enable efficient production in a range of climates and locations. The modules can be configured to grow a wide variety of crops. Reservoir Modules automate irrigation and plant nutrition making it simple to operate the hydroponic systems at peak efficiency. Using the power of cloud computing, a Mobile Control System gives the farmer remote command and control operation while also keeping track of important crop data and operational records. This enables a micro-farm to run autonomously, which reduces the labor required to produce healthy greens and vegetables on a continuous schedule.

Cityblooms is focused on the actual farming process and the realities of continuous operation. In particular, our system has the following features:

  • Modular and scalable cultivation systems.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance protocols.
  • Fail safes and system redundancies.
  • Cloud-based UI with SMS/ e-mail notification system.

The range of potential crops is large, and includes:

  • Leafy greens -lettuce, kale, arugula, chard, watercress, bok-choy, etc.
  • Micro-greens and shoots.
  • Culinary herbs - basil, cilantro, parsley etc.
  • Fruits- tomato, cucumber, pepper, and strawberry.
  • Cannabis and other medicinal crops.

The reservoir and cultivation units are controlled by a fully autonomous embedded system, whose salient features are as follows:

  • Irrigation control.
  • Misting and fan control.
  • Nutrient and pH management.
  • Reservoir refill.

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