The Orchestra Conductor for Your Farm

We understand that the complex systems on your farm work best when they are properly coordinated. Lighting systems must work in lockstep with heating and cooling systems. The ventilation systems must know what the internal air handling systems are doing. Your nutrient injector needs to know what your irrigation valves are doing. Your irrigation system is every bit as complicated as a pipe organ.  Lets face it, your farm is an orchestra. And the music truly rings when the instruments are in playing together in harmony.  The Cityblooms Commander can help you conduct your orchestra to make a beautiful symphony.

This type of advanced systems control and coordination has previously been cost prohibitive for all but the most affluent farms and typically necessitates thousands of feet of wiring to install and maintain. But what if the equipment was not so expensive? And what if everything was wireless?   How easy would that be? 



Your Central Hub.

The Cityblooms Commander acts as the central hub of your growing operation, giving you a control panel that is accessible with a computer, tablet, or smart phone. It is the user interface that interacts with all the Cityblooms compatible devices and equipment on your farm.  The Commander gathers data from Cityblooms Monitors, which can be placed strategically about the farm and act as observation posts. And then intelligently communicates with Cityblooms Agents, the devices that turn things on and off and make things happen. Use The Control Panel to adjust set points for critical farm equipment, calibrate sensors, create irrigation schedules and more.  

Your farm has a lot of things that need to be turned on and off, including pumps, fans, valves, and vents.  Better management and control of these systems will free up valuable time for you that can be used towards really making your farm hum.





Now You're in Control.


Once you have installed the Commander, you can build out the ability to see, manage and integrate critical farm systems -- such as nutrient delivery, irrigation, and climate control -- all via a single mobile app.   Our Control Panel App brings everything together and gives you the ability to manage your devices.   Rest assured, we have fail-safe mechanisms in place to prevent costly mistakes.  Our Control Panel Web App works with any smart phone, tablet, or laptop.



 It's Hard to Put a Price on Peace of Mind.

Cityblooms Monitors are 'wireless observation posts' for your farm, and can be placed strategically about your farm to give you insight 24/7.  Monitors are flexible, with an extensive list of sensor capability, 8 Sensor ports, and can be configured to monitor many aspects of your growing environment. 


Even the most expensive systems make mistakes.  And a Cityblooms Monitor catching just one malfunction will pay for itself many times over.  It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind.

Why use Cityblooms Monitors?

CROP TRACKING AND MONITORING.  Your plants are your livelihood.  Being in tune with real time conditions being experienced by your crops will help you catch issues early.  Other industries have been using sensors to track activity for decades.  What are you waiting for?

IRRIGATION/ NUTRIENT DELIVERY.  Even the most expensive irrigation and nutrient injection systems can make mistakes and cause tremendous damage in a short period of time. A Cityblooms Monitor can catch just a single malfunction and pay for itself many times over in prevented crop stress and potential loss.  Place a Monitor on your recirculating irrigation tanks, or inline downstream from your fertigation injector, or on your well head, as an extra watch-dog. 

ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL.   Climate control systems for controlled environment agriculture are complicated. As complexity increases, so does the need for remote sensing and monitoring to make sure that all the pieces are working together.  Monitors can watch boilers, HVAC equipment, vents, fans, and more.   Cityblooms allows you to keep an eye on these critical systems without thousands of feet of cable.

Cityblooms Sensor Partners









Monitor Sensor Options:


  • Temperature, Conductivity, pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen
  • Flow,Leak Detection, Tank Level



  • Temperature, Humidity, VPD, CO2
  • Barometric Pressure, Wind Velocity/Direction, Rainfall
  • PAR, Daily Light Integral, Real Time Cumulative Light Integral, Hyper-Fidelity Solar Forecasting



  • Moisture, Conductivity, pH, Temperature



  • Motion Sensing Webcam
  • Equipment Voltage Monitoring


  Also available on Request

  • NDVI (Normalized Differential Vegetative Index) for Tracking Plant Growth
  • Selective Ion Sensing for Precise Nutrient Management




Making Things Happen.

Cityblooms Agents are the active devices that make things happen.  There are a lot of things on a farm that need to turn on and off, including pumps, fans, valves, and vents.  Effective management and control of these systems frees up valuable time that you can use towards other things.  Not only that, you can track, analyze, and fine tune events to optimize crop production -- all from your mobile device.

Active Agent Capabilities
  • Nutrient management

  • Irrigation control

  • Horticulture lighting control

  • Heating, cooling, ventilation,  air circulation

  • Humidity Control
Active Agent Features

Active Agents are capable of switching multiple loads up to 30 amps and carry on-board the sensors necessary for autonomous functionality.  The User Interface is provided by the Control Panel, and is used to coordinate the activities of an agent based upon set-points, coupled with data gathered by one or more Monitors.   The Cityblooms Technology Platform is open and connects to a variety of third party devices to help you get the most out of new or legacy technology deployments. 

Logic Where You Need It

We understand all too well that the critical systems on your farm must operate, even when networks are down.  Our “Logic Where You Need It” philosophy drives the fundamental design of all of our agriculture technology products.  We know your farm needs to run continuously -- even though equipment invariably fails.  When your Wifi network or Internet connection is down -- which, let's face it - we all know it happens  -- then, the equipment on your farm should be smart enough to know what to do on its own.   If your farm is an orchestra, the conductor (The Cityblooms Commander) is there to conduct the musicians to create beautiful music, but each musician (The Cityblooms Agent) has the sheet music.  In an orchestra that must play around the clock without stopping, if the conductor becomes temporarily unavailable, the musicians will still be able to finish the song.

The Cityblooms Agents carry all the logic and sensors that they need to do their job.   They take instruction from and coordinate with The Commander, but if communication with the Commander goes down,  Agents will continue to operate on their last set of instructions, with robust fail-safe modes, until communication can be re-established. 


Hydroponic Nutrient Management ("Doser")


  • Customize nutrient and PH recipes to maximize yields
  • Ideally suited for recirculating hydroponic systems with system capacities up to 4000 gallons
  • Larger fertigation injection systems available on request
  • Multiple fail safe features to stop operation in case of sensor malfunction
Doser Capability Includes:
  • Recirculating hydroponic systems (ebb and flow, NFT)
  • Fast Batch fertigation for drain-to-waste systems
  • Pump manifold with peristaltic pumps (4 standard, up to 8 on request)
  • Cart w/casters & spill containment or enclosed metal cabinet
  • Remote reservoir refill solenoid
  • Dosing with standard sensors – PH/EC/Nutrient Temp
  • Capacitive water sensing (flow/ leak detection and reservoir fill)
  • Multi-zone irrigation control