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Intelligent Automated Agriculture

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Farming at Your Fingertips

Cityblooms Commander Module allows you to monitor, control, and make changes to key events in your growing environment. No matter where you are, if you have a Smart Phone, iPad, or computer, you can monitor – and control – any controlled growing environment, including farms, greenhouses, hydroponic farms, or grow rooms. The Commander Module comes as a stand alone module, or with a large flat panel display – so you have peace of mind and can focus on other things.

See What’s Happening

With Cityblooms sensing technology, you can now get detailed data on what’s happening on your farm – from your smartphone. And everything is saved in the cloud. Whether you’re a large commercial greenhouse operation, a small farm, or somewhere in between, our technology can work for you. Cityblooms sensing nodes can measure the following:

  • PAR (Natural or artificial)
  • Soil PH
  • Soil Temp/Moisture/EC
  • Soil Moisture
  • Irrigation/ Leachate PH
  • Irrigation/Leachate EC
  • Irrigation/Leachate Temp
  • Air Temp/Humidity Combo
  • Capacitive Water (irrigation monitoring/leak detection)

Control and Make Changes When Needed

Optimize the performance of your growing environment by providing parameters and values where you want your growing environment to be, and let Cityblooms do the rest. You can control PH, EC, nutrient temperature, nutrient levels, water levels (including leak detection), CO2 levels, and more. Cityblooms technology works with third party devices, and can switch on or off fans, pumps, lights, HVAC, or other large equipment. Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing that you are in control of your growing operation 24/7/36

Connect to Other Devices

The Cityblooms platform is open and connects to a number of third party devices to help you better manage your growing operation, including thermostats, third party dosers, humidifiers, lighting solutions, and more. Because our solution is wireless enabled and includes standard Internet protocols, we are very flexible and adaptable. We don’t believe that one size fits all, but rather that each growing operation is different and has unique needs. Our flexible platform works with many third party devices.

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Cityblooms CEO Nick Halmos Wins Innovator of the Year Award

On June 15th, 2017 | Local | Pilot Project | Santa Cruz | Sustainable Living | Team | Technology

Nick Halmos, Founder and CEO of Cityblooms, was named Innovator of the Year at the 8th Annual NEXTties Award ceremony by a local Santa Cruz group who honors those who inspire the community to reach further and higher. Read more on cityfarmer.info.

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Innovator Uses Technology to Build Urban Micro-Farms

On June 15th, 2017 | Health and Nutrition | Pilot Project | Sustainable Living | Team | Technology

Our CEO, Nick Halmos, was recently recognized for his work to fight food insecurity.  Halmos, 37, lives in Santa Cruz, Calif., and is CEO and founder of Cityblooms, a company that uses technology to provide intelligent automated agriculture in urban environments. Read more about Nick here.

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Plantronics Celebrates Cityblooms with Hyperlocal Barbecue

On October 27th, 2016 | Health and Nutrition | Pilot Project | Team

  Fresh from the most recent edition of Bravo Magazine we’re proud to share just how well Cityblooms relationship with Plantronics and Bon Appétit has blossomed. “Since 2014, Plantronics associates have enjoyed the ultimate in fresh produce from a hydroponic microfarm installed by Cityblooms. The automated mini greenhouses (a.k.a. “grow- bots”) are powered by solar energy, virtually eliminate the […]

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