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Measuring farm-to-table in yards, rather than miles.

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Modular and Scalable

Cityblooms creates modular micro-farms that grow fresh and healthy food on rooftops, parking lots, patios, parks, and everywhere in between. Units are designed to fit around existing rooftop structures without the need for retrofitting your space. As demand grows, simply plug in additional modular units to increase farm capacity.

Farm Anytime, Anywhere

With a variety of environmental control options, Cityblooms micro-farms can grow effectively in a range of climates. Furthermore, the light-weight equipment and flexible arrangement options open up a wide variety of urban spaces to agricultural use while saving valuable time and money on installation costs.

Sustainable and Safe

Our closed-loop hydroponic technology improves water use efficiency by up to 70-80% compared to conventional agriculture while an enclosed growing environment eliminates the need for dangerous pesticides. Cityblooms micro-farms are also ready to be independently certified under USDA food safety guidelines to ensure a healthy and safe product for consumers.

Farming at Your Fingertips

Our automated environment and nutrient management controls create a farming system that is simple to operate while the cloud-based user interface keeps the farmer connected to the farm. Similarly, intuitive farm management software keeps track of crop schedules and maintenance tasks to reduce workload and increase farm output.

Latest news

Plantronics Celebrates Cityblooms with Hyperlocal Barbecue

On October 27th, 2016 | Health and Nutrition | Pilot Project | Team

  Fresh from the most recent edition of Bravo Magazine we’re proud to share just how well Cityblooms relationship with Plantronics and Bon Appétit has blossomed. “Since 2014, Plantronics associates have enjoyed the ultimate in fresh produce from a hydroponic microfarm installed by Cityblooms. The automated mini greenhouses (a.k.a. “grow- bots”) are powered by solar energy, virtually eliminate the […]

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Cityblooms Installs Soliculture’s New Breed of Solar Panels

On May 5th, 2015 | Pilot Project | Technology

Cityblooms is pleased to be working with Soliculture to incorporate its wavelength selective photovoltaics (WSPV) technology into our cultivation units to fine-tune light for crops while simultaneously generating electricity! We plan to offer Soliculture solar panels as an option on all of our equipment. “The new “lumo” panels stem from the research of UC Santa […]

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Earth Day 2015 at Plantronics

On April 27th, 2015 | Pilot Project | Team

The 2015 Earth Day celebration at Plantronics was a special event for the Cityblooms team as it also marked the one year anniversary of the installation of our pilot project on the Plantronics campus. It has been an amazing year for the Cityblooms team as we have had an opportunity to put our micro-farm through […]

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