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Demonstration Request

The Cityblooms technology solution is a comprehensive solution that includes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, and Internet-of-Thing (IoT) hardware. The sensors, dosers, and software enable anyone managing crops to track, manage and analyse important events.

Cityblooms™ farm management software is the only platform that includes technology that enables growers to meet critical food safety certification standards.

Thank you for your interest in Cityblooms! The demand for our urban farming solutions is very high. We are now reviewing candidates for our Early Adopter Customer Program. Please fill out the form on this page if you are interested in becoming an early-adopter and would like to have someone from Cityblooms contact you.

- Nick Halmos, CEO, Founder


Program Goals:

  • 100% success for early adopters.
  • Forge new territory with respect to sustainable urban farming.

Schedule a Visit to See Cityblooms in Action

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Check if you already have your own hydroponic system and would like to improve it with Cityblooms technology.

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Which of the following best describes your need/situation:

  • INSTITUTIONAL CAFETERIA: Healthy food supply for company eateries or healthcare facilities. (corporate campuses, office parks, hospitals, assisted living; etc.)
  • HOSPITALITY: Top-quality produce for hotel or restaurant. (Eg. fine dining establishments; hotel chains, entertainment complexes; etc.)
  • EDUCATIONAL: An educational institution that would like to teach urban farming and hydroponics while supplying the institution with fresh, healthy food. (Eg. high schools, universities, sustainable and hydroponic programs.)
  • URBAN FARM or FOOD RETAILER: Increased yields and automation efficiency for small hydroponic farmers. Hyper-local / direct-to-consumer produce for sale in local markets and grocery stores.
  • PRIVATE MICRO-FARM: Individuals, families, and community organizations that want an easy way to grow their own delicious produce.
  • OTHER: Please describe below in the comments.

What is your experience level with hydroponic farming, and how do you envision the long-term operation of your Cityblooms micro-farm?
  • CITYBLOOMS TRAINING: “We know very little about hydroponic farming but we are willing to learn, and we’ve heard Cityblooms farms are easy to operate. We would like to complete some initial training and receive ongoing mentoring and support from a Cityblooms expert grower."
  • CITYBLOOMS OPERATED: “We will not have time to do the farming. We want Cityblooms to operate and maintain a micro-farm at our facility for us.”
  • LIMITED SUPPORT: "We have green thumbs and know all about hydroponic farming. We just want to buy Cityblooms’ products and receive customer support as needed."
Service Level*

How many pounds of produce per month do you want to grow?
(eg. 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 2,000+)

Pounds Per Month*

What is your timeframe / sense-of-urgency?
  • URGENT: We are planning on buying equipment within the next 2 months and would like to factor Cityblooms into our analysis.
  • SERIOUS BUT NOT URGENT: Cityblooms is just what we have been looking for and would like to implement our own setup as soon as practical.
  • JUST CURIOUS: Not sure about when (or if), just looking into it because it sounds great!

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