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Demonstration Request

Cityblooms is creating an integrated technology platform to help farmers reach their maximum potential. Starting with a robust platform for on-farm sensor and control networks, we help farmers gain meaningful insight into their operations. Using sophisticated control technology, farmers can use their data to automate a wide range of critical systems, such as irrigation, nutrient management, and climate control apparatus. Finally, the Cityblooms Dashboard, hosted in the cloud, enables farmers to manage production schedules, traceability programs, equipment maintenance, and labor tasks from any internet connected device.

Thank you for your interest in Cityblooms! The demand for our urban farming solutions is very high. We are now reviewing candidates for our Early Adopter Customer Program. Please fill out the form on this page if you are interested in becoming an early-adopter and would like to have someone from Cityblooms contact you.

- Nick Halmos, CEO, Founder


Program Goals:

  • 100% success for early adopters.
  • Forge new territory with respect to agriculture technology.

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